See more. Diagnose better.

We believe A.I. has the power to help Doctors discover and diagnose skin cancer, both easily and effectively.

What we do

Support healthcare professionals

Kāhu A.I. technology is being developed in collaboration with Molemap Ltd, to help Doctors discover and diagnose skin cancer.

Next-generation A.I. technology

Combining one of the largest known databases of skin lesions and next-generation technology, we're designing products with patient safety at the heart of what we do.

Evidence-backed medicine

Our clinical program and medical advisory board have a robust clinical roadmap to ensure our technologies are proven as safe and effective.

Customer-centric approach

We work closely with physicians in North America, Australia & New Zealand to ensure our products are not only safe and effective, but fit-for-purpose and easy to use.

Brigitte de Lambert, Investment Manager

Is Skin Cancer & Melanoma a problem?

Kāhu Team

Absolutely - and one we think is worth solving.

Our partners

How Kāhu AI works

Unlike other technologies in this space, Kāhu technology is being developed by leveraging MoleMap’s world-leading database of high-quality dermatological images.

We can confidently say that Kāhu will have seen more skin lesions and melanomas than most healthcare professionals.




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