We imagine a world where all skin cancers are diagnosed and treated

Our purpose

Kāhu A.I. is a clinical decision support tool and is not intended to replace the clinical decisions made by healthcare professionals.It is intended to give the clinicians more information about skin lesions to help them make more informed decisions. Just like a blood test or an X-ray might.

Now that’s something with the potential to give everyone peace of mind.



Kāhu's mission is to put instant skin cancer detection in the hands of every doctor.


A world where all skin cancers are diagnosed and treated.

Our Background

Several years in development Kahu’s first AI product, Skin Assist, has started being introduced into MoleMap’s workflows.

Skin Assist is designed to help healthcare practitioners decide on whether or not further clinical care is required. It does this by taking in a digital photograph of a lesion and via a convolutional neural network (CNN), analyses its attributes against the hundreds of thousands of lesions integral to the software’s development.

Skin Assist is already showing huge potential and we believe the introduction of AI will translate into improved healthcare for patients and create greater efficiencies for the patient journey.